Anime Review " Hanasaku Iroha"

iroha 2

“Yeahh. It really was a fairy tale. A girl extended her hand out to me then… she told me to go die!”
— Matsumae Ohana

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Experimenting Various Endings


I was really bored... but the good thing was I finally got that thing you spray on wigs to get them maintained... it was hard work... Also I saw the shop had the wig I needed for a jbf cosplay of luka in high school or was it junior hs... anyway it was the short pink hair... She was holding a guitar in the pv with her school uniform...


I am miku wearing harry potter glasses in a straight face look!!


I`m trying to look cute.... w/o the long twin tails... Anyway here... have some cake...

Topic : Cosplay
Genre : Anime/Manga

tag : miku hatsune vocaloid doki atashi cosplay kawaii

Artist Insider ""TAKENAKA""


Another of my favorite artists one of the first works I saw was miku wearing a black dress but she made miku look so breathtaking that I searched for more of her works that`s when I found her online portfolio and was just blown away I realized she focused on fashion and I was left speechless... One of her latest works... the girl in pink with the lip gloss is my most favorite!!! also she has a deviant art account... she has pictures of her cats there tooo!!!

her Deviant art account

her website

Topic : art & fashion
Genre : Fashion

tag : dhalia miku fashion art tknk takenaka

Tiny Kyary !!


Whaaaa I just saw the most adorable video of a little girl cosplaying as kyary then I saw others it was just so kawaii!! especially her cover of nyanyanya

hifumim -here is the youtube channel

【つけまつける】3歳なりきり☆きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ here is the video for fake eyelashes apparently she`s only 3 years old!! so cuteee!!!

3歳のなりきり☆鏡音リン☆ here is one of her videos dressed as rin!! chu kaawaiii!

Topic : J-Music
Genre : Music

tag : kawaii jpop kyary tsukema candy vocaloid rin miku

Artist Insider """YUNOMI""


alright!!! I should me memorizing the bill of rights but I`m too hyper so I `M going to do a small review of one of my favorite artists yunomi!!

She became famous for making pv` s for vocaloid songs and album cover my most favorite is the "just be friends " both the original and the rapbit and zebra cover... She also made the art for "magnet" and as I said album covers especially for exit tunes!


I saw her fan made pv for an anime I sorta forgot the title but it was really good..

hmmm... let`s see.. the thing I Liked about yunomi is her shoujo art style kind of work that just really inspires me..

Yunomi also published artbooks that I would kill to get!!


I randomly found yunomi`s works in raandom websites () anyway Yunomi used to have a blog that I would visit annually for updates but a while back news broke out about tracing and It somehow got a bit ugly but I think she`s still trying to make a comeback since her twitter account is still active but since I can`t understand kanji hehehe.... anyway there were a few blogs that showed that she really traced some of her works but I still like her even if the accusations were true!! more power to yunomi!!

Topic : Anime
Genre : Anime/Manga

tag : yunomi kawaii macaroon pink artist mangaka megane art



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