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I was really bored... but the good thing was I finally got that thing you spray on wigs to get them maintained... it was hard work... Also I saw the shop had the wig I needed for a jbf cosplay of luka in high school or was it junior hs... anyway it was the short pink hair... She was holding a guitar in the pv with her school uniform...


I am miku wearing harry potter glasses in a straight face look!!


I`m trying to look cute.... w/o the long twin tails... Anyway here... have some cake...

Topic : Cosplay
Genre : Anime/Manga

tag : miku hatsune vocaloid doki atashi cosplay kawaii

Artist Insider ""TAKENAKA""


Another of my favorite artists one of the first works I saw was miku wearing a black dress but she made miku look so breathtaking that I searched for more of her works that`s when I found her online portfolio and was just blown away I realized she focused on fashion and I was left speechless... One of her latest works... the girl in pink with the lip gloss is my most favorite!!! also she has a deviant art account... she has pictures of her cats there tooo!!!

her Deviant art account

her website

Topic : art & fashion
Genre : Fashion

tag : dhalia miku fashion art tknk takenaka

Tiny Kyary !!


Whaaaa I just saw the most adorable video of a little girl cosplaying as kyary then I saw others it was just so kawaii!! especially her cover of nyanyanya

hifumim -here is the youtube channel

【つけまつける】3歳なりきり☆きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ here is the video for fake eyelashes apparently she`s only 3 years old!! so cuteee!!!

3歳のなりきり☆鏡音リン☆ here is one of her videos dressed as rin!! chu kaawaiii!

Topic : J-Music
Genre : Music

tag : kawaii jpop kyary tsukema candy vocaloid rin miku

Artist Insider """YUNOMI""


alright!!! I should me memorizing the bill of rights but I`m too hyper so I `M going to do a small review of one of my favorite artists yunomi!!

She became famous for making pv` s for vocaloid songs and album cover my most favorite is the "just be friends " both the original and the rapbit and zebra cover... She also made the art for "magnet" and as I said album covers especially for exit tunes!


I saw her fan made pv for an anime I sorta forgot the title but it was really good..

hmmm... let`s see.. the thing I Liked about yunomi is her shoujo art style kind of work that just really inspires me..

Yunomi also published artbooks that I would kill to get!!


I randomly found yunomi`s works in raandom websites () anyway Yunomi used to have a blog that I would visit annually for updates but a while back news broke out about tracing and It somehow got a bit ugly but I think she`s still trying to make a comeback since her twitter account is still active but since I can`t understand kanji hehehe.... anyway there were a few blogs that showed that she really traced some of her works but I still like her even if the accusations were true!! more power to yunomi!!

Topic : Anime
Genre : Anime/Manga

tag : yunomi kawaii macaroon pink artist mangaka megane art


I have nothing much to say so I`ll just show you my megane collection...megane 2fdfdfgggg

megane3gdh gfggg


tag : megane pink kawaii

what`s in my make up bag!!


Make up... revealed all... in my pink bag... that`s obviously too pink even my friend said so... I Was never really a fan of make up but realized it made me look human...I started wearing make up during college so my friends got weird-ed out


This is my lip stick petite bunny from tony moly it has a natural color that doesn`t make my lips look too big plus! it`s a bunny!!


This here is my lip gloss also from tony moly Prestige I use this when I want to sparkle a little...


my Maybelline Falsies a really good mascara compared to my old one (my old one was from etude house some of my class mates keep borrowing this..


This is another Mascara majolica majorca`s king lash it has the same effect as the falsies but it gives a more length.. long enough for my class mates to think I was wearing extensions... hihi (This mascara was really expensive though so I only use it when I go shopping with dad) my boyfriend doesn`t really like me wearing make up so... hehe

This is another lip gloss from tony moly but I use it as cheek tint because it looks a bit natural that way... also it smells like grape jelly ace... I had a friend who I tried putting this on and she kept liking it... hahaha


This is my compact powder also from maybeline..


not really sure what this is for I got it as a gift


and now here is a picture of me with make up but remember I tried to look as natural as possible... so don`t judge the make up based on my face here ya go


the background used in the make up photo shoot was my stack of notebooks.. I`ll show them one day...

tag : tony moly majolica majorca etude house maybeline make up lip

Kawaiified my headset!!

Read more

Topic : art & fashion
Genre : Fashion

tag : kawaii headset stickers

It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular!

It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular!  1

I never really took this manga as seriously as I would a normal one but it`s really got me hooked to define "hooked" it`s like one of those annoying soap operas that I really don`t want to watch but the character development is slowly killing me...

It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! 2


Not as good as my standard goes the main character reminded me ok kitaro at first with the one eye thing... one thing I look for in any art is the eyes well.. the art gives off a souless vibe...


All characters are so-so except for the main character... I mean if I were to explain her twisted sense of popularity mixed with all her otome games... I wouldn`t know where to begin she`s the very picture of an otome otaku gone wrong... but still

It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular!  3

It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! 4


The character development is a total cliff hanger... just when she shows signs of actually getting popular she just finds a way for it go wrong... but it really intrigues me how the mangaka will find a way to make her popular... there are cameos in the manga like that ds game where you wipe off the sweat of guys and tiger and bunny...


read the manga here http://www.tenmanga.com/book/It%E2%80%99s+Not+My+Fault+That+I%E2%80%99m+Not+Popular!.html

tag : it`s not my fault I`m popular manga girl ugly otome

Kawaii Find!! :pastry cellphone charms!

I went to get a haircut last week before class and I realized I still had some time and money to walk around and I found a shop called "Swell Stuff"
I usually buy cheap earphones here some earphones there are really cute and sometimes if I`m lucky... sometimes it`s sturdy.. I bought a pink macaroon when I got my haircut but I lost it at the train station... >< so I went back ang baught lots!!

The replica of the first Macaroon I lost....
It`s got strawberries!!

Two mini macaroons with crowns... there were lots of assorted
colors and designs I could not decide between pink and blue so here ya go...

the kawaii pocky cupcake...
there were cakes in the shop to... all charms are made of plastic I forgot what kind they are but it seems duarble...

All charms were baught in Ever Recto...in a shop called Swell Stuff I think other branches have some..

Topic : art & fashion
Genre : Fashion

tag : kawaii cupcake macaroon cellphone charm heart crown pink blue red



TDA was supposed to be a free model but it looked like there was some drama involved so I`ll stop here...

Topic : Vocaloid
Genre : Anime/Manga



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